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A fantastic new community for clients to seek information on public access barristers has been launched, powered by GetSatisfaction.

You can find the community at the Barrister url on GetSatisfaction, and post any questions you need to ask, and receive a response from one of the clerks, directors, or barristers themselves.

What is litigation funding?

Litigation funding is a relatively new idea that has been gaining popularity in recent years. Many people, however, view it as a rather grim sort of finance akin to a gamble.


So what is litigation funding?


When a claimant decides to bring a case to court, it is going to cost money; often large sums of money. If the claimant has a good case, but doesn’t have the money to fund it, justice may not prevail. This is because costs are only awarded at the end of a case, and if the claimant is successful in their claim.


Litigation funding therefore allows the claimant to defer payment of the fees until the end of the case, and only if the claim is successful.


So, is litigation funding a loan?


Well, in one sense, yes; but it is only repaid if the claimant wins.


Won’t this bring about lots of unwarranted claims?


Well, a claim is a claim, and justice is in the eye of the beholder. If the claimant feels aggrieved, then he, she or the company is entitled to bring a claim against their opponent.


In addition, litigation funders are only going to fund cases that have a reasonable merit of success, therefore, they will be scrutinised by counsel before being funded. This means that there must be some reasonable grounds and evidence for the claim, that the funders believe will reach a successful outcome for the claimant.


Doesn’t this skew the lawyers’ incentive to win the case?


Lawyers are going to be motivated to win the case for two simple reasons:


1)   The fees are usually on a Conditional Fee Agreement (“CFA”) basis which forms the basis that fees are deferred unless the claim is successful.

2)   Lawyers often include an ‘uplift’ in their fees if the case is successful, as a ‘bonus’ for winning the claim

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Direct Access – Interview with Isabelle Parasram, Employment Barrister at ShenSmith Barristers


Jonathan Maskew: Today I am chatting with Isabelle Parasram with regards to direct access to barristers. Good morning. 

Isabelle Parasram: Good morning.

Jonathan Maskew: So tell us the benefits of coming to a barrister directly.

Isabelle Parasram: One of the things that I think is most appealing to lay clients (that can include individuals and businesses) is the fact they can experience significant cost savings in coming directly to a barrister. By going direct to a barrister, they are cutting out, effectively, the “middle man”. They’re accessing an expert immediately; usually within 24 hours if they work through ShenSmith Barristers and other chambers that have that level of service. They then are presented with the option of having very affordable legal advice that reaches the top levels of expertise. So that’s the primary reason.

Jonathan Maskew: Ok, so I understand. Are those cost fixed, or are they on ongoing basis?


See the interview and Read more about direct access to barristers here

Drug Driving and the haulage industry

Drug Driving and the haulage industry

The new law comes into force in England and Wales on 2.3.15. Should truckers be concerned?

Prohibited Drugs
If a driver has any one of a number of proscribed drugs in his bloodstream he will be breaking the law. The levels are different for each drug although they are set very low indeed. Therefore, even trace levels in the bloodstream will amount to an offence. The specified drugs include cocaine, heroin, cannabis, ketamine, LSD, and MDMA. Those for whom a night out at the weekend includes a snort of cocaine or an ecstasy tablet should be very concerned about the new law. There is no requirement, as there is with the current law, to show that the ability to drive was impaired. Simply the presence of the prohibited drug at a trace level within the bloodstream will amount to the commission of the offence. Given that traces of drugs can remain in the bloodstream for days after ingesting them this means that the risk of detection is prolonged.

Full article from a road traffic barrister at ShenSmith Barristers

What is a barrister?

What is a barrister?

A barister is a lawyer that will ordinarily specialise in one, or a select few areas of law in order to provide specialist and expert advice and representation. Traditionally, the barrister was the only lawyer with ‘rights of audience’ to represent you in court, and would be called upon as required by a solicitor to represent you and your case in court.

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Top Law Tips!

  1. New laws will ban smoking in cars containing under 18s, coming into force October 2015.
  2. Did you know? Schools are now allowed to hold spare emergency inhalers without a prescription, to keep children with asthma safe at school.
  3. Plans to provide new tax-free childcare for working families in 2015, so they can claim 20% off childcare costs for children under 5.
  4. Controversy over possible legal action to enforce school attendance, to prevent family holidays during term time.

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How to slash your legal fees

Throughout the 20th century the public was prohibited from instructing barristers themselves; if they wanted to see a lawyer they were required to see a solicitor who, in turn, would instruct a barrister for the lay client only if he, or the lay client, so desired.  This meant that solicitors had a monopoly of direct access to the public.  Monopolies are rarely conducive to competitive pricing or service and even, in the worst cases, provide potential for abuse.  Perhaps I can illustrate with an example that has always stayed in my mind.

About 25 years ago, when I was in the early stages of my career practising from a well-known London chambers, I was instructed by a solicitor to represent a motorist accused of driving without due care and attention.  The case was listed for hearing in a north London magistrates’ court.  I lived in the heart of Kent, as I still do, and travelled up to court very early the next day.  I had to go early as my instructing solicitor had sent me only a cursory note as to the case background and the client’s instructions.  When I say, ‘cursory note’, I mean just that; the total length of the instructions was about the same as you see in the first paragraph above.  Therefore, I needed to obtain full instructions from the lay client himself. As it happened, although the case had been listed for hearing in the morning, the case was not called into court until the afternoon by which time I had spoken to the prosecutor, read the Crown’s evidence, and, taken instructions from the lay client.  Fortunately, after a hard fought case the client was acquitted late in the afternoon.  In those days, one could make a costs application as costs would usually follow the event ie the side that won could seek, and would usually obtain, an order for its costs to be paid.  Consequently, I had to enquire of the solicitor by telephone as to his costs ie what he had charged his lay client (as otherwise I would have been unable to make the costs application.)  It transpired, upon enquiry, that my instructing solicitor had charged £1,100.  The princely sum of £100 was my fee. The solicitor had charged £1000 for one short paragraph and, no doubt, a very short conference with the lay client (compared to £100 for me for obtaining full instructions, attending for the whole day, and contesting the case at court)!  As time passed I learned not to be surprised by such conduct on the part of my instructing solicitors (although it should be said that I have, of course, come across honourable solicitors who would never conduct themselves in such a fashion).

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What You Need to Know About the Six Figure Mentor

What is the Six Figure Mentor?

The six figure mentor is a digital business system that works to teach people about the different aspects of business. The main goal of the whole program is to provide the knowledge and ability to help anyone become a successful online or at home business owner. This includes things like supply and demand, marketing, and networking opportunities.

Who is the Six Figure Mentor Intended for?

The simple answer to this question is everyone. The six figure mentor can be used by anyone who is willing to put in the hard work it takes to make money online. People from all walks of life regardless of if they have ever tried to start a business can excel using the six figure mentor. The intent of the mentor is to provide people with the knowledge to lay the ground work for their own businesses. It utilizes information about business from all around the world to help find the right business path for your individual business.

The main group of people who find success using the six figure mentor are:

  • People who are not satisfied with their current line of work and need something more
  • People who have difficulties getting along with coworkers and their bosses
  • Stay at home parents who are looking to earn additional income
  • Retired veterans or other who have found the need to change their career path
  • Online business owners
  • Small businesses

The Six Figure Mentor is designed to be easy to use platform that makes business easy. The mentor uses business trends and uses these trends to help predict the best way for businesses to succeed. Users are given the option about how much mentorship they would prefer with their membership options. The introductory level is the lowest level of membership available through the Six Figure Mentor. This level allows users to get familiarized with the platform and gives them an introduction. It focuses on the shift in thinking between working for someone and being your own boss. Membership progresses through three different levels with introductory being the lowest and elite being the highest available membership opportunity. Elite members have full access to all of the wonderful benefits that the Six Figure Mentor has to offer its users.

Why Does the Six Figure Mentor Work?

The reason that the legal advice works is because of the dedication that it offers members. Every member is immediately awarded their own personal business coach to help guide them through some of the tougher aspects of business. Members are awarded opportunities to attend seminars for success as well as weekly webinars that teach transferable business skills. These webinars offer weekly input in how to build and maintain a healthy business. Other additional resources and software tools are available to users who otherwise might not be able to keep up with software costs.

The members’ community is also a large contributor to the success of the direct access barrister. Every single community member has been in the same position that the user has been in. They are able to offer valuable input as well as constructive criticism to help in even the toughest situations. The community comes together to see success in all users of the Six Figure Mentor and to help promote the program as a whole to future users. The community helps to make sure that the user never feels overwhelmed when it comes to managing their own business. Here is the link, if you would like to have a fresh look at the six figure mentors.

Please watch the video below for more info about the network:

Pros and Cons of Using a Mei Tai Baby Carrier

In today’s market, there are at least five types of baby carriers that you can choose from, and these all come in different designs that can suit any kind of preference. For mothers and fathers looking to start babywearing, the first step should always be to gather some information, and know about the concept and different advantages and disadvantages that can be had by different kinds of baby carriers as well as a clear understand of what’s the best baby carrier for toddlers.

The mei tai is an Asian-style carrier that works sort of like a back pack, with straps connected to the corners of a large rectangular fabric or cloth which holds the baby in place. These straps are tied together over both shoulders to allow the baby to be snuggled close to you. One of the easiest carriers to learn using, the mei tai can be used as a frontal carrier, or a back carrier.

To know if the mei tai is the baby carrier that suits your needs and preference, let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons that this type of carrier offers.


1. Distributes weight over both shoulders, making them ideal for people with back problems.

2. Allows the mother to nurse her child hands-free.

3. Flexibility to use it as a front carrier or a back carrier.

4. Adjustable straps that can be tied to preference for maximum security.

5. Can be used for newborns and toddlers.


1. Not really ideal for newborn hands-free breastfeeding/nursing.

2. Has long straps that drag on the ground when tying them together.

3. Not the most ideal carrier for newborns or small babies as they tend to slouch in a ball in the carrier, causing issues for the spine.

4. Does not work well with side-carries.

5. May not be suitable for use in muddy places due to its long straps

Understandably, the mei tai may need some time for first-time babywearers to get used to, but that also applies to some other types of baby carriers. While the mei tai may not be as easy to put on compared to the basic wrap, its adjustability and the stability that it provides to the wearer are both key points that definitely provide that plus factor. With its two-shoulder straps, this baby carrier is ideal for use with babies starting from their newborn to the toddler phase.


How To Hire The Contractor Of Houston Pressure Washing

Hiring of contractor of pressure washing in Houston is not an easy task. It is really tough and requires one to be highly vigilant about it. However, hiring of contractor can be easier for one if one familiarizes oneself with the following tips:

You should hire a contractor, who is based on the best value. Remember that if you hire a company, which is based on price only, then you may not be in position to have the best job carried out in the right way. There are genuine reasons to base your purchasing decision when it is a matter of providing protection to your property investment. Appearance, knowledge, quality, professionalism, what the customers have to confess about them and what are the advantages to you, are all the important things, which you need to ponder over while hiring a contractor of pressure washing in Houston.

You should hire an insured or bonded pressure washing contractor. The representative of the company will let you know whether they proffer background checks on its employees, has insurance of property damage and take care about protection of your business when they are executing their duties.

Residentail Pressure Washing Service


Moreover, the contractor will ask you whether there is the most appropriate time for execution of these services. Most of the contractors clean the commercial buildings on Sundays.

You should ask the contractor about the process of power washing around Houston area. The contractor will provide you a quick overview of how the process of power washing carries out work. In fact, there are four element of the process of power washing. They are heat, cleaning solution, water flow rate and pressure.

You need to ask about references of client. Good companies of power washing, which have been carrying out business for many years have a list of clients, have same property requirements as that of yours. You should also see a list of previous clients.

At last, you should ask for a free estimate. Bear in mind that each and every job is typical and it is hard to get a precise cost over the phone. Make a request that a contractor make a free on site visit to have meeting with you and look after your job requirements.

The contractor should suggest you specific needs and provide you an estimate to you. Free estimates are a wonderful way of testing the knowledge of contractors and see the professionalism and appearance of the company without obligations. In case, you feel uncomfortable with the contractor at first sight, then such contractor may not be suitable for cleaning of your skirting board from