Dot Your T’s and Cross Your I’s!

So you’ve got you’ve just started a new business and are super excited about growing and expanding. You’ve spent so much time getting the perfect logo, creating your website as well as advertising. Business is starting to pick up and you’re finding yourself having to order even more product every month. Things are going so great. That is, until you receive a complaint from an old partner claiming that you owe them money. After all the of the areas of your business you spent so much time covering, marketing, promotion and branding, you totally didn’t cover yourself and your assets. Now, it is finally time to hire an attorney.

Business litigation isn’t fun, as is the case with any court situation. That is why having the proper representation is important in order to help the process go smoother and less painful. Having a business attorney is extremely important when running a business no matter how small you think your company is. They can help you to draw up contracts, review business forms, and most definitely defend you in the instance that you are being sued. While the process of a lawsuit can be a long drawn out one, your attorney will handle most of the appearances for you. There are many motions that must be filed with the court during a legal process and only your attorney is needed at these appearances. However, if your case goes to trial or is being settled, as is the most favorable and common instance, then you will be asked to appear at a mediation hearing.

A mediation is an informal meeting with all of the parties involved in the dispute will sit down with your attorneys and a mediator. A mediator’s is basically an unbiased party who will pretty much negotiate back and forth between the parties until you all can come to an agreement that you both are satisfied with. The point is to try to keep the situation out of the courtroom as trials can be very costly as well as time consuming. Usually, mediation is the only thing needed in order to settle most cases. At the first mediation hearing, it isn’t uncommon for an agreement to not be made that day. Normally, it takes at least two meetings for a resolution to be achieved.

For residents of Colorado, there are literally thousands of experienced litigation attorneys to choose from. If you reside in Colorado, search for any business litigation colorado for an extensive list of reputable lawyers in that state. If you are living elsewhere, though laws vary from state to state, for the most part, the legal process is pretty much the same throughout the country.

Whether you are someone who is just starting a business or considering starting one, be sure to cross all your T’s and dot your I’s so you can avoid unnecessary legal proceedings. Having a good business attorney from the start will ensure you have all of your documents in order and prevent you from entering into unfavorable contracts. Good luck!